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The mission of Forest View Staining is to provide a knowledgeable, experienced and friendly service in which every client feels satisfied with a project that looks great and lasts long.

Whether you have a new wood structure or peeling stain on your existing one, we specialize in all aspects of exterior wood.

With every project, we like to focus on the small details. Whether it is power washing and cleaning wood, vigorous sanding, or stain applications, putting in a little extra effort where it matters always provide happy results.

We also provide unique custom designs with a variety of products and applications to meet your needs.


With well over 22 years of wood refinishing and outdoor maintenance experience, we have acquired an extensive understanding of how to use an array of products. Any exterior project has the potential of creating a disaster, especially when using cleaning chemicals and powerful pressure washers that can easily destroy your home and garden.

A simple deck staining job can easily result in a variety of damages if not properly cared for.

We Can Handle Any Wood Project

Some projects are unique and require very specialized knowledge and skills. We are very comfortable using tall ladders or scaffolding while pressure washing from high up. Whether we have to remove stain, do hand sanding or any other task, we are always able maintain our high standards.
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Toronto Deck Staining Service

From wood restoration, to repairs, to staining, we are very efficient. Throughout the project, we maintain a clean and organized space. Tools are always kept in a safe and nicely organized manner.

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Detailed Proposals with Every Project

Transparency is vitally important to us. Clients should be able to easily understand what is involved before starting a project. This nature of work is rarely straight forward as no outdoor space is the same.

Regardless of size or "simplicity", we always provide a detailed explanation of each and every component of the project. You will also know all the specific tasks, materials used and hopefully be very confident in our company.

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No Deck Staining Project is Ever Straight Forward

Some new products have evolved in the last few years that are definitely game changers so anyone wanting to protect their exterior wood structures. Many new enviro friendly oils and sealers have definitely made our application lives a little easier. However, aside from the initial excitement, many new associated challenges are easily ignored as well.

We never mass quote our projects together. Meaning, every project is extensively thought out and we only recommend what we think is the best approach for that particular situation. We rarely use the same products and methods to every project, it just doesn't make sense.

The way we see it, we are hired professionals to make things last longer and prevent problems from happening.

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Power Washing vs. Cleaning Chemicals

Using a high pressure of water to wash your deck is a really, super bad idea. Quite often, people think that it can accomplish the same result vs. using cleaning products such as a deck cleaner. Even worse, others believe that using bleach is acceptable as well. On the surface, the wood may appear to be clean, however, algae can quickly return and any stain applications will never appear as rich. Aside from the obvious mechanical damages from using high pressure close to the wood, using straight water to remove dirt simply is not enough.

When using cleaners, choosing the proper chemicals that are suitable for your wood deck and all other surroundings as well is not as simple as one might think. There are always a variety of surfaces that have to be simultaneously cleaned along with an average deck, such as house siding, windows and doors, downspouts, grass, flowers and other vegetation etc.

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Our Quality is Guaranteed

We are one of the only companies in the GTA that guarantee our work!

We are committed to exceeding clients expectations and will ensure that our projects sustain quality and durability or we will re-service the project free of charge.

We have Earned the Trust

Many of our clients hired us to fix the problems that previous companies have caused. Sadly, many of these occurrences happened within the first year after the project was completed...

Below is one of many examples of this:


Thank you for the excellent work that you did to bring my deck back from the ugly state it was in as a result of an incompetent deck stain company. A prior deck stain and repair expert had refinished my deck the year before and it began to show problem areas only a few months later. The owner had promised on numerous occasions to return and fix this issue, but he never did. Your company was highly recommended to me by a relative and you sure lived up to claims of wonderful work and exceptional customer service.

After our initial meeting, I knew that you understood exactly what I was hoping to accomplish with my deck. You even pointed out many rotting stair risers and pickets which needed replacing. How wonderful to have a stain refinisher that also repairs these problem areas.

I look forward to your company taking care of the needs of my deck for many years to come. Gloria B. - Forest HillRebuilt Deck Staircase, Removed Peeling Stain, Refinished Deck

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We provide a free on site consultation to all inquiries. Feel free to contact us via phone or using the form below.




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