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Forest View Staining is 20+ years in business. We do all sorts of exterior work to residential properties in Toronto.

We are always looking for good people to join our team, so fill out an application if you would like an interview. There are currently two available positions in the company (General Labour, Woodworking Supervisor and Professional Painter), all starting in March.


General Labour Position

This position involves pressure washing, cleaning, sanding, all sorts of carpentry, staining and painting wood. Great opportunity to work with very skilled people and advance to other positions within the company.

The hours of work are full-time (March-November), but require some flexibility to work on Saturdays.. Hands-on experience in learning new painting related skills. Work outdoors with a crew of 2-3 people.

You must have experience working with tools and machines such as drills, skill saw, sander and other carpentry tools.

Pay Starts at $18-20/hr + bonuses, with potential to earn more if you can learn fast and work consistently.

Complete the Application Form below and we will call you within a day.


Woodworking Supervisor Position

This person should be competent with a min. of 5 years painting, staining, sanding, using chemicals, pressure washing and various carpentry. You must have experience working with tools and machines such as drills, skill saw, sander and other carpentry tools.

The hours of work are full-time (March-November), but require some flexibility to work on Saturdays.. Oversee a crew of 2-3 people.

Pay Starts at $24/hr + bonuses.

Complete the Application Form below and we will call you within a day.


Professional Painters Position

We are looking for a painter to sub-contract exterior painting and staining. Jobs vary in size and larger projects usually require additional hands which we can accommodate if you work solo.

This position requires a detailed and focussed individual that is dedicated to their trade.

We are a very friendly, yet serious and motivated group, with a very strong client base. The work is steady all season long. Projects are of a higher calibre so working around the weather requires a lot of patience and organization. Pay rate is above average and we always pay our trades on time.

You will need a full array of painting tools, but we will deliver tall ladders (at no charge), or sprayers when needed.

This is a permanent position if you are looking for extra work throughout the season.

All applications will be reviewed promptly and we will usually get back to you within a day.


Application Form for all Positions

Personal Information
Full Name:

Email Address:

Phone #:

Street Address:


Do you have a valid G Drivers License Yes     No

Do you have access to a car OR would you travel on TTC to various locations within the city? CAR     TTC

Position Desired:

Are you able to work Monday-Saturday and start at 6:30am? Yes     No

How many hours a week would you like?

How would you like to be Contacted:

How did you find us:

Describe Related Work Experience and # of Years:

Are you able to work on tall ladders between 20-30ft high? Yes     No

Pressure Washing Wood: No Experience    
Moderate - Able to wash a car with detergents
Excellent - Can use high 4000 PSI without damaging wood

Paint Brush Speed and Accuracy: No Experience     Moderate     Excellent

Using Sanders and Related Equipment: No Experience     Moderate     Excellent

Using Skill Saws and Other Carpentry Tools: No Experience    
Moderate - Able to cut a straight line
Excellent - Measure and cut complex angles

Supervision and Leadership: No Experience    
Moderate - Able to ensure everyone is productive
Excellent - Able to coordinate an entire project

What makes you a good trades person?

Expected Daily Pay Range:

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Our Quality is Guaranteed

We are one of the only companies in the GTA that guarantee our work!

We are committed to exceeding clients expectations and will ensure that our projects sustain quality and durability or we will re-service the project free of charge.

We have Earned the Trust

Many of our clients hired us to fix the problems that previous companies have caused. Sadly, many of these occurrences happened within the first year after the project was completed...

Below is one of many examples of this:


Thank you for the excellent work that you did to bring my deck back from the ugly state it was in as a result of an incompetent deck stain company. A prior deck stain and repair expert had refinished my deck the year before and it began to show problem areas only a few months later. The owner had promised on numerous occasions to return and fix this issue, but he never did. Your company was highly recommended to me by a relative and you sure lived up to claims of wonderful work and exceptional customer service.

After our initial meeting, I knew that you understood exactly what I was hoping to accomplish with my deck. You even pointed out many rotting stair risers and pickets which needed replacing. How wonderful to have a stain refinisher that also repairs these problem areas.

I look forward to your company taking care of the needs of my deck for many years to come. Gloria B. - Forest HillRebuilt Deck Staircase, Removed Peeling Stain, Refinished Deck

We provide a free on site consultation to all inquiries. Feel free to contact us via phone or using the form below.




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