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Exterior Wood Restoration and Protection

The Workmanship that We Deliver

We provide a beautiful and lasting project. To achieve a durable finish, there are many factors that need to be considered. Most importantly, the type of lumber and surrounding environment regulates which products will work best for your specific project. We are well experienced and have a vast knowledge of today's products and wood species.

The Weather Plays a Vital Role

One of the most influential aspects to ensure quality is monitoring weather conditions while performing the project.

We will never apply any product on your wood structure if the weather is not suitable, even if we only have twenty minutes of stain application remaining to complete the project.

Often times, this requires working long hours and in the evenings to accommodate the punctuality and durability of the project.

Custom Color Matching

To our knowledge, we are the only service company that offer custom colour and stain matching for oils and semi-transparent finishes. We take the time to apply a variety of colors to your wood structure so you can judge a clear visual concept of how your project will appear. The reason we do this is because a sample of wood will likely not match the wood used with your structure. How is possible to see a true tone of colour without applying it directly to the structure itself ? Simply because a deck was built using cedar does not ensure that a stain sample on a piece of cedar will provide the identical appearance. This is a crucial step that cannot be achieved simply by showing you a color palette of stain samples.

We take pride in our craft and always treat your project as if it were our own.

The People that we Hire

Everyone that we employ starts with a pre-existing or vast knowledge of tools. Most importantly, they have the right mind set that is required to work in the skilled trades. Some of the basic qualities that we look for in people include patience and good eye-hand coordination. If people are happy to learn new skills and can learn relatively quickly, then it’s usually a good fit. We are a friendly group that work hard and always strive for excellence. That being said, everyone employed with us understands that the organization based on knowledge and high quality of products and services.

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Our Quality is Guaranteed

We are one of the only companies in the GTA that guarantee our work!

We are committed to exceeding client’s expectations and will ensure that our projects sustain quality and durability or we will re-service the project free of charge.

We have Earned the Trust

Many of our clients hired us to fix the problems that previous companies have caused. Sadly, many of these occurrences happened within the first year after the project was completed...

Below is one of many examples of this:


Thank you for the excellent work that you did to bring my deck back from the ugly state it was in as a result of an incompetent deck stain company. A prior deck stain and repair “expert” had refinished my deck the year before and it began to show problem areas only a few months later. The owner had promised on numerous occasions to return and fix this issue, but he never did. Your company was highly recommended to me by a relative and you sure lived up to claims of wonderful work and exceptional customer service.

After our initial meeting, I knew that you understood exactly what I was hoping to accomplish with my deck. You even pointed out many rotting stair risers and pickets which needed replacing. How wonderful to have a stain refinisher that also repairs these problem areas.

I look forward to your company taking care of the needs of my deck for many years to come. Gloria B. - Forest HillRebuilt Deck Staircase, Removed Peeling Stain, Refinished Deck

We provide a free on site consultation to all inquiries. Feel free to contact us via phone or using the form below.




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