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People call us to ensure their decks are in good hands.

Every deck is unique in its own way and always requires some thought before jumping into a staining project.

Without considering existing factors such as environment, daily usage and overall construction quality, it could be seriously shorten the life of any stain product. The key reason being is that not every stain is made equal and requires a specific approach. Some stains are meant for high UV areas, others for high moisture, while others and simply are made for specific wood species. The varieties are endless.

We have specialized in deck staining for over 20 years and have faced countless scenarios. We are very well researched and are able to assess and complete projects in a swiftly and professionally manner every time.

When you want an great job at a reasonable price, give us a call.

Wood Staining is very different compared to Exterior Painting

Traditional methods of staining and sealing exterior wood generally require a lot of unnecessary sanding and stain strippers every application. The result is that a homeowner is paying for needless labour and will often be less inclined to maintain the wood as frequently as they should.

We eliminate the possibility of a stain failure. When stains fails prematurely, this generally means that the old stain has to be removed to the bare wood in order to rectify the problem. The deck stain removal process is often very costly.

Our goal is to help homeowners, their friends and family enjoy more of their outdoor space.

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We Find Solutions for any Wood Project

We are often called to perform very irregular types of projects and we are always up for the challenge. Regardless of the complexity of design, surrounding environment, or even access restrictions while transporting tools, we will always find a way to come through.

What you need to know about Deck Restoring

It is extremely important to understand the fine science of wood fibers and how cleaning products work in order to achieve the surface required for a beautiful deck that will be well protected from the surrounding environment. Simply power washing the wood, followed by an oil based stain is nothing less than a cosmetic facade.

To fully understand how cleaning chemicals react to the wood fibers requires a tremendous amount of research combined with experimentation. We never experiment with new products on your deck, as we have a separate facility for that. Each year, many new deck refinishing products are being used as tests. Unfortunately, this usually results in a poorly stained deck that will require a lot of additional attention to detail after the stain has failed.

Not all cleaners provide an equal solution to all types of lumber. Cedar decks, pressure treated or hardwood decks usually require a different process, while using different chemicals. We have been experimenting with products for many years. We have also been using our own cleaning mixtures on decks, fences and many other outdoor wood projects for the past eight years with much success. Most of our cleaning products meet the COSMOS standards.

What you need to know about Wood Staining

There are dozens of wood stains and oils available to choose from. Every client receives a sample product on an area of their deck. Showing a sample of wood stain on a random piece of wood is a complete waste of time, because no one knows for sure what it will look like until it’s applied to the deck itself. We ensure that you are very happy with whatever products we plan on using prior to starting the application process.

What is mostly unknown is that sadly, many people apply stains without using a compatible wood cleaner. No oil based stain or other material will properly absorb into the wood fibers in these situations. We use a very holistic approach to your deck, assessing the wood, surrounding environment and other unique facets of your properly. We then accumulate all the information and provide a detailed free quote so you fully understand what we will do.

We always aim to protect your deck with a top quality result with every single staining project. We train all staff to pay close attention to detail throughout the entire job.

Whether it is deck staining, fence staining or any other outdoor wood refinishing, each project is unique in their own way.

Pool Deck Staining Companies near me

A deck staining project around a swimming pool is not as easy as one might think. It is extremely important that you hire a professional that understands the ingredients of cleaners and stains. When it comes to power washing or applying stain, nothing toxic can enter the pool. Sadly, this happens all the time.

We highly recommend you call a few other residential staining companies in order to fully understand your options. However, you can always count on us as our company pays very close attention to detail and we always try to provide great work that you are happy with.


Most Recent FAQ

How much does it cost to stain a deck in Toronto?

Approx. Costs to Stain

For the staining portion of the deck, avg. prices are $1250 and up.

All wood decks have to be cleaned and sanded very well before stain can be applied.

For a Free Quote, please visit: Forest View Staining

What is a good price for deck staining?

It is wise to call at least 3 Deck Staining Specialists in the field to understand the work and associated costs.

A reputable company should provide a detailed quote, clearly outlining all the costs and materials.

How much does it cost to stain a deck Canada?

Average Costs

For a Free Quote, please visit: Forest View Staining

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Our Quality is Guaranteed

We are one of the only companies in the GTA that guarantee our work!

We are committed to exceeding client’s expectations and will ensure that our projects sustain quality and durability or we will re-service the project free of charge.

We have Earned the Trust

Many of our clients hired us to fix the problems that previous companies have caused. Sadly, many of these occurrences happened within the first year after the project was completed...

Below is one of many examples of this:


Thank you for the excellent work that you did to bring my deck back from the ugly state it was in as a result of an incompetent deck stain company. A prior deck stain and repair “expert” had refinished my deck the year before and it began to show problem areas only a few months later. The owner had promised on numerous occasions to return and fix this issue, but he never did. Your company was highly recommended to me by a relative and you sure lived up to claims of wonderful work and exceptional customer service.

After our initial meeting, I knew that you understood exactly what I was hoping to accomplish with my deck. You even pointed out many rotting stair risers and pickets which needed replacing. How wonderful to have a stain refinisher that also repairs these problem areas.

I look forward to your company taking care of the needs of my deck for many years to come. Gloria B. - Forest HillRebuilt Deck Staircase, Removed Peeling Stain, Refinished Deck

We provide a free on site consultation to all inquiries. Feel free to contact us via phone or using the form below.




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